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Early Years

Welcome to the Early Years Foundation Stage


Teachers and Teaching Assistants:


Mrs Green: EYFS Teacher and Lead

Mrs Cooper: EYFS Teacher and Lead

Miss McGowan- EYFS teacher 

Mrs McGuigan: EYFS Teaching Assistant

Mrs McCormik: EYFS Teaching Assistant


How to contact your class teacher

If you need to contact the class, please use the following class email address:


 Your child will get their phonics homework sent home twice a week (Tuesdays and Fridays) and will get  maths homework   every   Friday.  Please remember to bring homework back on Monday’s and Thursday’s.


 Your child will be sent home a reading book next week. Children will bring home a reading book with a coloured sticker on   it, that is for   them to read or discuss with you at home. This book might not have words in but your child can tell you the   story and you can ask   them lots of questions about the story. Your child will also come home with a library book. This is a   book for you to read to them and   for you to enjoy together. Please ensure your child brings their reading book back       each Monday (Mrs Green/Mrs Cooper's class) and each Wednesday (Miss McGowan's class) as we will change them on these days. 


Our weekly timetable

Welcome to our classroom 

Autumn 1

Role play outside 

Exploring the sand 




Autumn 2

painting pictures 

clay models 




Spring 1

We will continue to be learning through play in the areas of provision.  When we are playing with the children we will follow their interests and teach objectives through topics that excite and motivate them.  In Phonics time we will work on oral blending (pushing sounds together to say the word, to help with reading) and oral segmenting (chopping up words into individual sounds, to help with spelling). We will start to learn some of the sounds (phonemes) that letters (graphemes) make and we will learn some words that cannot be sounded out and that need to be learnt by sight. These are the ‘tricky words’.

Tricky words learnt so far are..   I go to the into he she we me be my 

Sounds we have learnt so far are..s a t i p n c k ck e h r m d g o u l ll f ff ss b j y ai ay w oa ow 


  In Maths time we will work on: 

  • take away
  • length
  • estimating
  • money


 The children will have P.E once a week.

 This will be on a Tuesday. Please can you ensure that children come into school wearing, tracksuit bottoms/ leggings, jumper and   trainers as we will be doing PE indoor and outdoors each week.


 In Learning  Journey time we will be looking at many themes.

 We started with looking at fact books about arctic animals, we have been looking at penguins and polar bears! Now the children   have been interested in space, so we will be looking at the book 'Whatever Next' and making our own rockets. I wonder where our   learning will take us next? 



Spring 2


This half term we will continue to plan our topics around the interests of the children. We will find out what inspires them and deliver the curriculum through exciting lessons and engaging provision areas. 


Phonics and Writing

We will continue to work on oral blending and segmenting. We will be learning new digraphs (two letters that make one sound) and we will be introducing a trigraph (three letters that make one sound.) The sounds we will learn include... ie, igh, le /u/o ,ee, or, z, zz, w,wh /ee/ea and /e/ea. We will continue to learn new 'tricky words' which include...  was, are, all and they. We will learn how to write sentences which include capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. We will do this when we are writing cards, letters and recipes during our play and when completing writing tasks. 



We will be working on...

  • Number recognition and matching amounts.
  • Place value. 
  • Adding/ counting on. 
  • 2D and 3D shape. 
  • Pattern 


Learning journey time

We have been enjoying retelling stories in our play. So we created different story trays with puppets and props for the children to use. We will learn about Spring and the life cycles of different animals including frogs and butterflies. We are very excited about receiving some tadpoles to look after. We will observe how they grow and change. We have also really enjoyed painting Spring flowers. I wonder where our learning journey will take us next? 


Painting Spring flowers. 


Our Tadpoles!


Retelling Handa's Surprise. 

Summer 1




What a brilliant half term!


We thoroughly enjoyed our 'Minibeast' topic. We read 'Mad About Minibeasts' and 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. We had great fun making a Minibeast hotel and enjoyed observing the Minibeasts that came to stay! We were also very excited to welcome some caterpillars into our classroom. We have been watching them grow and change. 


We also enjoyed reading Jack and the Beanstalk. We produced some brilliant pieces of writing about the story and we practised our story telling using our Jack and the Beanstalk story sack. 


Where will our learning journey take us next?