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Year 3/4

Welcome to Year 3/4


Teachers, Teaching Assistants and HLTAs:

Miss Potter (Deputy Headteacher & teacher)

Miss Hill (teacher)

Miss Davison (teacher)

Miss Galtrey (teacher)

Mrs Robson-Beck (HLTA & TA)

Miss Goodyear (TA)

Mrs McDaid (HLTA)


How to contact the class teacher:



Homework is set on a Friday, with the return date the following Wednesday. Children are set a piece of Maths homework every week, with alternating comprehension and SPaG. In addition to this, children complete a spelling activity, learn a mental maths target and are expected to read five times a week. 



P.E days are as follows:

Miss Potter & Miss Galtrey: Tuesdays and Thursdays

Miss Hill and Miss Galtrey: Tuesdays and Thursdays

Mrs Davison: Mondays and Thursdays

Children are asked to come to school in their P.E kit on these days.


Useful websites:

Welcome to our classrooms:

Mrs Davison's Classroom

Miss Hill and Miss Galtrey's Classroom

Miss Potter and Miss Galtrey's classroom

Autumn 1:

All 3 classes learnt, rehearsed, put their own actions to and performed this wonderful poem by Michael Rosen. Please watch and enjoy our videos below:

Year 3/4 Performance Poetry


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Autumn 2:

On Thursday 25th November, Year 3/4 travelled north to visit a Roman museum. We watched a 3D video, where Hadrian's wall came to life in the Roman times. Alongside this, we had a very exciting lesson delivered by a virtual Roman no less, who taught us how to speak Latin and count in Roman numerals. Inside the museum, we saw the most amazing artefacts. 


Later in the afternoon, we took a short bus ride to Vindolanda. Here we discovered the Roman fort ruins and imagined ourselves as Roman soldiers. It was an incredible day.


Year 3/4 are currently practising the dances for their Year 3/4 Production. I have added the songs and relevant YouTube content below so children can practise at home. 


Miss Potter/Miss Galtrey's Class

Knees Up Mother Brown

Choreography is very easy.
Leg Kicks with partner
Swap places with a parner under their arm (for under the table...)
Knee Bobs with parner
Swap places with a parner under their arm (for under the table...)

Arm in arm in circles for the chorus


Waterloo Choreography. We don't dance the whole choreography but children should be able to tell you which parts they are dancing.

Miss Hill's Class

Achy Breaky Heart

We do the whole line routine 3 times before the music ends.

Miss Davison's Class

Rock Around the Clock Dance

We copy up to the funny feet section and then repeat it all again. Remember, 2 slow Elvis arms and then 4 fast ones.

Fame - Dance Workout

This only shows some of the choreography. We have simplified the moves in school and children should be able to tell you what order the moves happen in.

East Barnby information evening