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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5


Teachers, Teaching Assistants and HLTAs:

Miss Mossop (Teacher)

Ms McDaid (HLTA)

Miss Baker (TA)


How to contact the class teacher:




Homework is set on on a Friday and is due in the following Wednesday. A sticker on the inside of the front cover will show you the homework your child should be completing. Maths, timetables and spelling homework will be sent every week. SPaG and Comprehension homework will alternate weekly. Children will also be expected to read five times per week and practice their mental maths targets. 


Please encourage your child to check their timetable regularly (found above) as they should be well organised. Support us with encouraging independence and good organisational skills, which will be beneficial in Year 5/6. We expect children to be wearing the approved school uniform and P.E kit. PE kit should be worn to school on PE days. 

Year 5 have indoor PE on a Monday and outdoor PE on a Tuesday. 

Useful websites:
Welcome to our classroom:
Autumn term 1:

Trip to the National Railway Museum

The National Railway Museum


This half term we had a wonderful trip to the National Railway Museum in York. We had so much fun learning about the history of trains and how they changed the fantastic city. Luckily, we were also able to see the inside of a steam engine which really helped us in our English as we are writing explanation texts on how a steam engine works. 

Autumn term 2:

Victorian School Day!

A day in the life of Victorian school


As we came to the end of our Victorian topic, we were transported to 1841 and experienced life in a Victorian school! The children thoroughly enjoyed us being incredibly strict teachers although eventually decided that they wouldn’t have wanted to live in the Victorian era due to the severe punishments! They loved learning about pounds, shillings and pence and Victorian poetry and found writing with chalk and ‘slate’ a challenge! A fantastic day was had by all. 

Spring term:

Georgian Pie Making!

Georgian Pie Making


This term, year 5 transported back in time and created their very own Georgian Pies. They had to design, create and cook the pies from scratch, from chopping and peeling their ingredients to measuring and rolling their homemade shortcrust pastry. We thoroughly enjoyed eating them in a big Georgian style feast at the end of the day too – a very fun day of cooking was had by all!

English: Our red blood cell narratives

For the last 3 weeks, year 5 have been scientists, doctors, investigators and writers as they have planned and created a narrative in the point of view of a red blood cell. Year 5 have worked very hard learning all of the scientific vocabulary as well as how to write a fantastic story. We published our stories on our chromebooks - here are a couple of examples!

Summer term 1: