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Environment Ambassadors

Autumn Term

This term, our Environment Ambassadors have been working to ensure that staff and pupils at our school are recycling all of our used pens. We were all shocked by the amount of pens that were being thrown away. They had the idea to reignite a recycling scheme that had been introduced by a former pupil, but which was not being as successful as it could be. 

They are now in full swing of collecting pens from across school, making sure they are recycled,  

Summer Term

The Environment Ambassadors have enjoyed a visit to the Skylark nature Reserves and Drax Power Station. In the morning, they connected with nature- hugging trees, tracking animals and looking at an abundance of wildflowers. Connecting with nature and creating a sense of place in the world is important in order to understand its value. 

After lunch, they visited Drax. They learnt how electricity is produced more sustainably, the journey from coal to biomass and plans for the future as Drax work towards reducing their carbon emissions further. They learnt some unexpected facts- an average baby goes through 10,000 nappies, Drax have pipes that are wide enough to fit two double decker buses on top of each other in and when the power station is running at full capacity it can provide electricity to 1 million homes. 

After being inspired, the boys finished by making pledges to help their local environment.