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School Improvement

What is the School Development Plan?


It is the role of the Governing Body and Senior Leaders at Easingwold Primary School to provide the strategic direction and drive for further school improvement.


To enable this to happen in a coherent and measured way, we collectively write a School Development Plan each year which sets out the key areas of our work as well as the rationale for each objective. This supports the Governing Body to challenge the effectiveness of the work of the Headteacher and focuses our limited finances and energy towards areas that we believe will best impact on the educational outcomes of the children we serve.


Our most recent School Development Plan is attached below. It is very much a working document which is reviewed regularly by Senior Leaders and at each full Governing Body meeting. Updates are highlighted in yellow. If you would like to discuss any aspect of the plan with the Headteacher or Governing Body, please get in touch


Underpinning the headlines are a range of actions which can be tracked back to the subject leaders in school. This ensures that all colleagues have a clearly defined role within our drive for improvement and contribute effectively to our wider school improvements.


Whilst the bulk of our work is focused on year by year improvements, we must have a clear overview of the direction of the school in the coming years. Our 3 year strategic plan is at the end of the School Development Plan and represents a number of goals we would like to work towards. 


Who's Responsible?


Each of our governors is 'attached' to one aspect of the School Development Plan. It is their role to meet with Senior Leaders to support and challenge them over the impact of our work.