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Residential Activities:

Residential visits are a treasured and vital part of life at ECPS. We believe that such activities not only promote greater independence and develop life skills but they also provide precious indelible moments that last a lifetime.


We have carefully considered our residential offer to ensure that it is exciting, purposeful and progressive as children move through school. We hope that our well planned range of residential visits encourage the children to see the world as an exciting and wonderful place to explore and that it supports them in realising that learning is a lifelong journey!


What do we offer? 


Our residential offer begins early in Year 2 where children get to spend their first night away with us and their friends at the Year 2 sleepover. This first experience is designed to help them get used to staying away from home, for many of our children this will be their first night away from home so it is an important milestone. During the sleepover, children learn how to set their sleeping space up for themselves and take part in some team games to develop co-operation. After a hot chocolate and a film, they take charge of washing their faces and brushing their teeth ready for bed. After a good night's sleep (hopefully!) They then learn how to set up and prepare their own toast and cereal before working together to wash up and tidy away. They take charge of their own belonging and pack up ready for home time. 


In Year 3, children build on this experience and set up a more advanced sleeping area when they work as teams to put up tents on the school field ready for their overnight camping stay. They take charge of setting up their beds in their tents and organising and keeping track of their belongings. This time, the children build resilience as they sleep on their own with adults nearby in their own tents and learn to cope with the noises and shadows of the great outdoors. In the morning, they have to work together to take down the camp, pack away the tents correctly and leave the campsite as they found it. They also prepare and clear away breakfast with the minimal support of adults. 


When children get to Year 4, they venture further afield and we begin to introduce some outdoor activities during a two night coastal experience to East Barnby on the North Yorkshire coast. At this outdoor education centre, children will be introduced to sleeping in and managing themselves in dorms. They learn to make up a bed using sheets, pillow cases and duvet covers and learn to strip it at the end of the stay. Children will begin to learn how to manage their own kit and time to make sure they are ready and dressed appropriately for activities. They will develop confidence and resilience when they try more advanced activities such as; body-boarding, climbing Roseberry Topping, basic orienteering and navigating and exploring rock pools. They will learn to manage their free time and be expected to lay and tidy away tables in the dining room with no adult support. 


Once in Year 5, children will get the opportunity to take part in a two night city break in Liverpool. They develop their map reading skills, learn how to use public transport and develop their knowledge through visits to; the Liver Bird Museum Tour, the Great British Music Experience, the ferry across the world famous Mersey River, the historic docks and the World Museum. They will also learn to navigate a busy city and develop road crossing and self awareness skills. During the stay in the hostel they will learn to manage their free time and share spaces respectfully with other schools and visitors. 


The final residential that children take part in is a four night stay in the Yorkshire Dales at Bewerley Park. Children get the chance to further develop their teamwork and resilience when tackling more advanced outdoor activities such as; gorge walking, the high ropes course, canoeing, bouldering, mine exploration and the night walk. They will take full responsibility for managing their time, being correctly kitted out and managing their dorm and belongings with minimal support from adults. 


See below for photos and updates for our residentials and parent's information: 

Year 2 Sleepover: 


Year 2 enjoyed our sleepover at school. Over two thirds of the children said that they had never had a night sleeping away from home so the anticipation and excitement was high! Firstly we enjoyed games and activities in the school hall, followed by hot chocolate and a bedtime snack. We then had a wash, brushed our teeth and got ready for bed. After a film, we snuggled down into our beds for the night. 


In the morning, we made breakfast and tidied away. Everyone was so brave, well behaved and polite. To quote several children 'It was the BEST NIGHT EVER!'

Year 3 Camping Overnight Stay: 


Well done to our Year 3 children who had a brilliant time camping out on the field. They worked well as teams to put up their tents and set up their beds and worked just as hard to take it all down and pack it up again the next morning. 

Here are some photos for you to enjoy: 


Year 4 East Barnby Residential: 


The Year 4 children had a wonderful time at East Barnby in the glorious sunshine. They managed their equipment and kit brilliantly and showed a lot of resilience during activities. It was lovely to hear them supporting and encouraging each other and celebrating success. Centre staff complimented them on their manners and behaviour which we are very proud of. Here are some photos of our trip: 

Year 5 Liverpool Residential Visit: 


The Year 5 children loved their residential to Liverpool. They experienced city life and developed indelible life skills that will stick with them forever, including teamwork and map reading. From exploring the history of the Albert Docks and learning about the Liverbird building, to filling themselves full of ice cream at TGI Fridays and playing on a range of musical instruments at the British Music Experience, they had the most amazing time. We were so proud of the Year 5 children who, on many occasions, were complimented by members of the public for their fantastic manners and wonderful behaviour.

Year 6 Bewerley Park Residential Visit: 

Year 6 had a wonderful week away on residential at Bewerley Park Outdoor Centre. They pushed themselves into their challenge zones by tackling lots of outdoor pursuits such as river walking, scrambling, high rope climbing, min adventuring and many more! The children did themselves proud by trying new things and managing their time and equipment over the week - not an easy thing to do! We were really impressed by a lot of the children's maturity and approach to the activities and know that they had an incredible experience that they will never forget - particularly the snow! See below for pictures of what we got up to! 






Information for Parents: