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Ofsted and Performance Data

Data and Performance: 


The successes of schools are measured through a number of indicators which include: internal monitoring by leaders and governors, feedback from parents and children, various end of stage outcomes and inspection judgements made by Ofsted. 




Our latest Ofsted inspection was carried out in March 2019. We were judged as a good school in all categories and our report can be seen by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page. 


End of Stage Outcomes 2022/2023: 


Early Years 2022/2023: 


Pupils achieving a good level of development (GLD)72.2%%      67.2%


Year 1 Phonics Screening Check 2022/2023: 


Percentage of pupils passing the check80%79%


KS1 SATs 2022/2023:


 ReadingWriting Maths 
School - Expected standard63%56%63%
National - Expected standard 68%60%70%
School - Working at greater depth14%2%35
National - Working at greater depth 19%8%16%


Year 4 Multiplication Check 2022/2023:


This check is out of 25, there is no pass threshold.


Average score out of 2523.220.2
Percentage of children scoring 25/2529%61%



KS2 SATs 2022/2023: 


School- Expected Standard81%
National – Expected Standard73%
School- Higher Attainment35%
National- Higher Attainment29%
School- Average scaled score106.1
National- Average scaled score105.1
School Progress Score -0.90


Writing                                    Data 
School- Expected Standard74%
National – Expected Standard71%
School- Higher Attainment13%
National- Higher Attainment13%
School Progress Score -1.67


Maths Data 
School- Expected Standard84%
National – Expected Standard73%
School- Higher Attainment45%
National- Higher Attainment24%
School- Average scaled score107.3
National- Average scaled score104.2
School Progress Score +2.00


Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar Data    
School- Expected Standard74%
National – Expected Standard72%
School- Higher Attainment39%
National- Higher Attainment30%
School- Average scaled score105.2
National- Average scaled score104.9
School - Average spelling score 13.5
National - Average spelling score 12.6


Reading, Writing and Maths combined Data     
School- Expected Standard71%
National – Expected Standard59%
School- Higher Attainment13%
National- Higher Attainment8%