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Welcome to our Governor Section. 


The remit of the Governing Body is to:


  • Ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction.
  • Hold the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils, and the performance management of staff.
  • Oversee the financial performance of the school and make sure its money is well spent.


Our Structure:


In order to improve communication and increase transparency of decision making, in September 2017 we abolished committees in favour of more regular Full Governing Body meetings. This has resulted in improved information sharing and a greater collective knowledge of the school's needs and areas for improvement.


Whilst the abolition of committees makes for improved communications the Governing Body has retained some committees due to a statutory responsibility to do so. These committees are as follows:

  • Pupil Discipline Committee
  • Staff Discipline Committee
  • Staff Discipline Appeals Committee and Complaints Panel.


The Terms of Reference for these Committees are below.

The Governing Board is comprised of 12 governors as follows:


a. Four parent governors;

b. One Local Authority governor;

c. One staff governor;

d. Acting Headteacher;

e. Five co-opted governors.


Meeting Dates 2019-2020:


Tuesday 29 September 2020

Tuesday 8 December 2020 

Tuesday 19 January 2021

Tuesday 16 March 2021

Tuesday 18 May 2021

Tuesday 13 July 2021


Meet Our Governors: 


Name:  David Linsley (Chair of Governors)

Type of Governor: Co-opted

Term of Office Start Date: 08/02/2018        

Term of Office End Date: 07/02/2022


I have been a co-opted governor for the school for two years and taken the role of Chair from the start of the 2019/20 school year.

Originally from the northeast, I live in Easingwold with my wife, Sarah and two boys, Daniel (Year 5) and Benjamin (Year 2). I work in York as Finance Director of a software company.


I chose to join the school’s governing body to help it succeed in meeting its strategic, teaching and financial targets. Challenges in all areas have been met with enthusiasm and determination by everyone I have worked with and the passion of those involved in the school is the reason why I try my best to help in whichever way I can. Although my experience in education may be less than other members, I thoroughly enjoy being part of the governing body and are not afraid to ‘ask the stupid questions!’


 If you see me in the school playground or in and around Easingwold, I would be more than happy to stop for a chat and answer any questions or concerns you may have.


Name: Rachel Proudley (Vice Chair of Governors)

Type of Governor: Co-opted

Term of Office Start Date: 02/04/2019

Term of Office End Date: 01/04/2023


I was thrilled to become a Governor for Easingwold Primary School in 2019, I wanted to be more involved with the school that my two children attend, Angus is in Year 5 and Emilia in Year 3.  I have been a teacher for over 15 years I have 5 years of experience as a staff governor. I have teaching experience in every year and therefore have a good understanding of education across the year groups. As a Governor I really enjoy coming into school helping in classes and finding out about all the exciting things that the children are doing.   


Name: Vicky Bramma

Type of Governor: Co-opted

Term of Office Start Date: 17/09/2019      

Term of Office End Date: 16/09/2023


I have worked at Easingwold Primary School since September 2011. During my time, I have worked in all phases at ECPS and took on the role of English Leader in summer 2015. This role has been an exciting one as I have worked alongside all staff to continue to improve the teaching of English within our school, including leading the redevelopment of our school library.  I have been a governor since October 2015 and this is a role that I enjoy as it provides an insight to the non-teaching side of teaching.  Being part of the Governing Body is rewarding as the work we do ensures the strategic direction of the school is focused, and standards continue to improve. 


Name: Alison Cottrell

Type of Governor: Headteacher 

Term of Office Start Date: 01/01/2020      

Term of Office End Date: Permanent 


I have worked at Easingwold Primary School since September 2008. I have been a class teacher in KS2 and took on the role of Deputy Headteacher in September 2009. In September 2020 I became the Headteacher. I find my work as a Governor extremely rewarding as it provides a strategic direction for school improvement. The 'critical friend' aspect of the Governing Body ensures the work of the school is quality assured which I believe to be vital in driving standards up. I want the very best for all children in our school and the work of the Governors supports me in achieving this through target setting, data analysis, policy reviews and regular visits to school. 


Name: Claire Gibson

Type of Governor: Parent Governor                    

Term of Office Start Date: 26/09/2017     

Term of Office End Date: 25/09/2021


I became a parent governor at ECPS in 2017 after moving to the area with my husband and two children. My eldest is a former pupil, having recently moved up to high school, whilst my youngest is in Key Stage 2. I joined the governing body to help support the school in its commitment to consistently provide all children with an excellent educational experience and ensure significant progress. As a primary school teacher with 12 years’ experience, I have current knowledge and experience of the National Curriculum, an awareness of the diverse challenges schools face, and the importance of allowing all children to reach their potential. With a practical understanding of safeguarding, I have taken on this responsibility as a Governor at ECPS. I am driven to ensure that all children are given the opportunity to achieve their potential, and will do my best to assist ECPS in providing a positive and fulfilling learning experience to all children.


Name: Andrew Neville-Smith

Type of Governor: Co-opted

Term of Office Start Date: 17/09/2019        

Term of Office End Date: 16/09/2023


I started teaching at this school in 1974 and as such have seen many changes and served under a number of different head teachers. Although I am now retired, I still enjoy being involved with the children. I run a couple of clubs, organise the Open the Book assemblies once a fortnight and am involved with school trips when requested. I am particularly concerned with the well-being of both the staff and children and that the latter receive a well-rounded and enjoyable education


Name: Christopher Prior

Type of Governor: Parent Governor

Term of Office Start Date: 20/06/2018

Term of Office End Date: 19/06/2022


I live in Thormanby, (the hill on the A19) with my wife, Rosie and two boys, Sam (Year 4) and Max (Year 1). I work for a credit reference agency, normally from home, London or our head office in Leeds.


I chose to join the school’s Governing Body to help the school succeed in meeting its many aims and objectives. Being a Governor allows me to understand the challenges the school has to face every day and I am proud to be part of the Governing Body who provide questions/guidance and support to help the school succeed.


Name: Antoinette Potter 

Type of Governor: Staff Governor 

Term of Office Start Date: 1/04/20

Term of Office End Date: 31/08/20


I was appointed as a year 5/6 teacher at Easingwold Community Primary School in September 2009. After my first year here, I became Mathematics Leader, which along with sport is my passion. I've continued to lead Mathematics throughout my time here. I have also experienced teaching in year 3/4 for couple of years before returning back to year 6. I'm currently phase leading and teaching in year 1/2, while embarking upon my new role as Acting Deputy Headteacher. I joined the Governing Body March 2020 and look forward to contributing to the successful leadership and development of our wonderful school.


Name: Rebecca Cooper

Type of Governor: Parent Governor 

Term of Office Start Date: 15/1/20

Term of Office End Date: 14/1/24


I was delighted to have been appointed a Parent Governor at Easingwold Community Primary School in early 2020, and am excited to be able to contribute to an ambitious team who are committed to ensuring the school continues to progress and improve so that we can offer the very best experience to all of the pupils who attend.


I have lived in Easingwold for most of my life and have happy memories of attending both the Primary and Secondary schools. I strongly believe that schools should be the heart of the community in which you live and this was a big part in my decision to send my own children here.


The first part of my day job, and the one that really keeps me on my toes, is being Mum to Oliver, 7, who will soon to be entering Year 3 and Freddie, 2, a pupil of the future. The second part is working in the Department for Education where I primarily focus on the academic and financial performance of further education colleges. It is a really interesting and fulfilling role and certainly brings a different perspective to how education works behind the scenes. Experience has shown me how important excellent leadership and strong governance is in any educational institution and I hope to ensure that this is what continues to be in place at ECPS.



Name: Nikki Rowbottom

Type of Governor: Co-opted Governor

Term of Office Start Date: 22/1/20

Term of Office End Date: 22/1/24


I am a recently elected Co-opted Governor and also a parent of children in the school. I live in Easingwold with my husband and children, having moved here 6 years ago. My professional experience is in procurement and contract management most recently in the public sector. I have lots of experience in managing suppliers and contracts and making sure financial savings are managed properly.


I opted to join the Governing Body to use these professional skills to support the school in a time of economic austerity but also as a way of supporting our children to receive the best possible start to their education. I'm very passionate about reading and books and believe that the knowledge gleaned from reading can inspire and engender many great things from all ages.


I strongly believe that children learn more effectively when they have fun and are engaged in a wide variety of interesting and exciting topics supported by real life examples. I want to help make school an enjoyable experience, so our children can learn how to make friends and deal with social issues and have the opportunities to try a whole range of activities they may not normally have access to. 


To support the effective monitoring of the school's work and impact, link governors have been established. They meet with leaders in school to see first hand, how the work we are doing is making a difference to the children who come to Easingwold Primary School. 


School Development Plan Links:


Maths: Christopher Prior (Lead Teacher - Miss Potter)

English: Andrew Neville (Lead Teacher - Mrs Bramma)

Pupil Premium/SEN/Vulnerable Children: Mrs Proudley (Lead Teachers Mrs Cottrell and Mrs Exelby)

Curriculum Design: Claire Gibson and Andrew Neville (Lead in School - Mrs Cottrell)

Safeguarding: Claire Gibson (DSL in School - Mrs Cottrell and DDSL Miss Potter and Mrs Exelby)


Other Links:

Health and Safety: David Linsley

Risk Management of Residential Visits: David Linsley and Claire Gibson 

Headteacher Performance Management and Well-Being: David Linsley and Rachel Proudley


Below are public minutes from our Full Governing Body meetings.


Click on the link below to see Governor's attendance for 2019-2020