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Report Bullying

Procedures for Reporting and Responding to Incidents of Bullying:


All staff will take seriously any report of bullying behaviour, responding calmly, but with concern. Reports will be dealt with promptly and impartially, ensuring that a thorough investigation is carried out. All those involved will be given the opportunity to be heard, supported and protected.


1. Report all allegations of bullying to staff and complete the report bullying form which can be obtained below or from the school office. 

2. Staff will ensure the victim feels safe.

3. Staff will make a record of the incident on CPOMS and notify appropriate staff.

4. Advice will be given to support the victim.

5. Staff will speak to all those involved, giving them an opportunity to share their account of events.

6. The problem will be identified and solutions managed, using Restorative Practice strategies where appropriate.

7. Action will be taken to end the bullying behaviour.

8. Staff will ensure the bully realises that their behaviour is unacceptable.

9. If the victim consents, the pupils will be reconciled.

10. Support will be given to the bully to help him/her understand the consequences of his/her behaviour and to change it.

11. In serious cases, parents will be informed and will be invited to come to school for a meeting to discuss the problem. 12. Following an incident, the pupils involved will be monitored to ensure that there is no repetition of the bullying behaviour. Consequences may be used to support the perpetrator in understanding the implications of their actions through the behaviour policy.

Report Bullying Form

Anti Bullying Policy