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Welcome to Easingwold Primary School.


'Easingwold Primary School exists to equip all our children with the skills and knowledge necessary to flourish in a world in which the only constant is change’


Our central aim is to enable both our children and staff to achieve their potential. We have very high expectations of everyone within the school. The expectation is to work hard, behave sensibly and respectfully and enjoy the learning journey together. 


In order to do their best, children need to be in an atmosphere conducive to work, with caring, considerate adults. At Easingwold Primary School we are fortunate enough to have dedicated staff and governors who agree with these principles and work hard as a team to achieve them. We see opportunities in challenges and learning in mistakes! 


Together we aim to create a lively and attractive environment in which children can thrive and become responsible for themselves, their work and their behaviour.


Our ultimate success depends on the quality of the partnership we establish with our parents. Working side by side we aim to provide experiences and opportunities that meet the needs of all children, equipping them with the skills necessary to play an active and purposeful role in the life of the community.


We are a fast moving and rapidly evolving school and so our website is just a small sample of all that is happening; if you want to see our school in action, I would really recommend a visit.


If you are a browsing parent who does not yet have children with us, I very much look forward to meeting you soon.


I hope that you find the information contained here useful and informative. If you require a paper copy of anything contained on the website, please make contact with the school office.


With best wishes,


Mrs Cottrell